Distort+Delay for iPhone.  Real-time audio effects. $3.99. Add fun to your voice or any acoustic or electric instruments.

Introducing Distort+Delay

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Distort+Delay is a real-time audio processing application that adds high-quality distortion and delay effects to any incoming audio signal. Both acoustic and electric instruments produce excellent results. Performances can be recorded for later playback or sharing with friends.

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Feature list

Distort+Delay will work immediately with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (with earbuds mic). No extra accessories are required.

  • Multi-touch interface: Control all effect parameters from one screen.
  • Compressor: automatically normalizes microphone volumes. Can be toggled off for cable input.
  • Distortion effects: classic tube and 8-bit lo-fi with tone and gain controls.
  • Delay effects: 743ms maximum delay with smooth variable feedback and hold effect.
  • Recorder: Capture your performances for future listening.
  • Sharing: E-mail your creations to your friends.
  • Lossless AAC encoding is supported on iPhone 3GS+, iPod Touch 3rd Gen+, and iPad devices. Older devices will send WAV files.

This application has been tested on iPod Touch 2, iPod Touch 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPad; running both 3.1 and 4.0.

Effect descriptions

This app produces a wide range of effects, ranging from minor enhancement to wild modulations. The tube-style distortion effect allows for a variety of tones, from subtle warmth to heavy crunch.

An "8-bit" lo-fi crusher is also included. When active, the 8-bit lo-fi replaces the tube distortion and allows the control of both gain and phase. The result of this bit-crushing is similar to everyone's favorite 80s-style video game console.

The delay effect works much the same as any guitar pedal: short delay-time produces a reverb-like sound; medium settings produce a slap-back echo; and larger delays create "spacey" sound textures. The included "hold" button allows for creative audio experimentation. Delay adjustments are smooth and can be heard as the familiar pitching effect usually associated with analog tape echoes.

Compression is included to help normalize microphone input. It can be toggled off for direct-input cable connections.

This application supports iPhone microphones, Apple-headphones microphones, dock-connector microphones, or guitar-to-iPhone cables.

For those interested in a detailed explanation of how Distort+Delay can be used, please check out the Distort+Delay User Guide.